Craft Book Review – I Can’t Draw! by Lydia Crook

Craft Book Review I Can't Draw by Lydia Crook - book cover

Quarto Creates kindly gifted me a copy of the new book ‘I Can’t Draw!’ by Lydia Crook but all opinions are my own! (spoiler -I really like the book!)

What’s it about?:

Lydia Crook is an illustrator and paper engineer. In ‘I Can’t Draw!’ she gives us 60 artistic and creative activities to help us start drawing and thinking outside the box. These include doodling and pattern making, to 3D drawing and self portraits. These are all presented by Lydia’s beautiful illustrations with pops of neon orange and black which looks super modern!

Craft Book Review I Can't Draw by Lydia Crook - contents

Tried and Tested:

I do enjoy drawing, but often get stuck for ideas. This is what I love about ‘I Can’t Draw!’ every page has something different, for example, simple pattern filling shapes, to drawing buildings from different angles. The activities contain actual techniques that you learn in art school, so this isn’t just a fun doodle book! I enjoyed trying the pattern making exercises and was inspired by the bright colours of the book, to use coloured pens I don’t usually reach for.

Craft Book Review I Can't Draw by Lydia Crook - testing

Final Thoughts:

What I love about ‘I Can’t Draw!’ by Lydia Crook, is how modern it looks. The neon orange against the black illustrations really draws me in. I’m also really impressed by the exercises. If you are looking to learn to draw in quick, bitesize lessons then this is the book for you. Not only do you have the chance to do fun doodles and patterns, you will actually learn drawing techniques. These are further into the book, where you can practice continuous line, negative space and perspective drawing. Overall, ‘I Can’t Draw!’ by Lydia Crook is going to look great on your bookshelf, and teach you a lot of new drawing techniques. What more can you want?!

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2 thoughts on “Craft Book Review – I Can’t Draw! by Lydia Crook

    1. Thanks Sophie, it was the colours that attracted me to the book as well! The little exercises are a great way to start drawing and give you ideas for bigger projects too 🙂

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