5 ways to make a visual impact with handcrafted interior design

Handmade crafts tutorial - Make an impact with interior design using free fonts

I’m going to share with you how to use free fonts to create amazing home décor items. Making these items by hand means that you can personalise your home with phrases that are important to your family. They will add a unique and visually stunning statement to your home. Of course, using free fonts, also means you save a tonne of money too! Keep reading for five ideas on how to make a visual impact with handcrafted interior design.

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1 – Create a warm welcome

A handmade doormat with text 'Crafting come back later' made by Karleyhall.com
Image source: Karleyhall.com

Let’s start with the first impression! You can find great freebie fonts online here that you can use to make all five of these décor ideas. But did you know you can use them to create your own door mat? Simply download your free font, create a text design and cut a stencil with a digital cutting machine. There’s a great Cricut tutorial by Karley Hall here. If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can easily print your design onto card and cut out with a craft knife to make your stencil. Use the stencil to apply paint to a cheap, plain mat. Think about what type of font you want to use. When welcoming guests into your home, do you want a fun, bubbly greeting or an elegant personalised design? Adding your family or house name to your welcome mat could also really help the delivery drivers!

2 – Be positive!

A gold framed mirror with a pink text quote saying 'Hello Gorgeous'
Image source: Oakdene Designs – notonthehighstreet.com

A great way to remind yourself to be kind or have positive thoughts, is through your mirror. You can use your free font to type out your favourite uplifting quote and stick it on your mirror. Do this by using a cutting machine and cutting the quote out of adhesive vinyl, or print the quote onto clear acetate and stick this to your mirror. Now every morning whilst getting ready for work, or when brushing your teeth in the evening you’ll see more than just your reflection!

3 – Make it personal

Three white monogramed mugs each with a letter spelling out the word 'Tea'
Image source: Oliverbonas.com

Transform a plain, cheap mug into a unique keepsake by adding an initial or monogram. Look for free fonts that have fancy swirls or decorations that will really stand out. You can then print individual letters onto water slide decal paper and apply it to your mug. Maggie Rose Design Co. has a really helpful tutorial on how to do this which looks great! You could even apply single letters onto separate mugs so that they spell a word when put together. I’ve seen similar groups of mugs for sale in high end home stores, but by making them yourself, you can choose words that are special to you and save money.

4 – Create a statement

Two black frames each with a single word inside 'Sweet' and 'Dreams' written in fancy script
Image source: Zipcode Design @ Wayfair.com

Have you seen those art prints of simple one word statements, or inspirational quotes? They’re bold, on trend and can be very expensive. But you can make your own for almost no money! Choose your favourite free font and type out your word or phrase into the middle of a blank document. This can be done in any word document or notepad app. Then you just print! You could use simple printer paper, or invest in some slightly thicker high quality paper. If you want to print A4 or smaller, you can use your home printer. For a bigger size, send your document to a local print company. You might be surprised at how inexpensive this can be. Lastly, choose a frame to match your home décor and now you’ve created your own custom art piece!

5 – Get organised

A row of glass jars with silver lids labelled with brown stickers
Image source: Themountainveiwcottage.net

The kitchen can be a pretty un-inspirational room, especially inside the cupboards! It’s easy to make your kitchen look better and more organised by making your own labels. Create a modern look by upcycling old glass jars and containers into storage for all your kitchen ingredients. Find either a rustic or modern looking free font and type out all the ingredients you want to store. Some fonts even come with decorative designs that you could use as a boarder for your labels. Then just print your designs onto sticker paper, cut out and apply to your jars. To make a bold statement, you could spray paint all the lids of your jars the same colour to either match or clash with your kitchen. This way, even if all the jars are different sizes, they’ll look like they belong together.

I hope you enjoyed these five ideas on using free fonts to make a visual impact with handcrafted interior design. It’s a great way to get a high end, personalised look but for a lot less money! If you’d like more money saving crafting tips check out my top tips here.

How to interior design crafts using free fonts

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