DIY – String Pencil Tin


Over on my Pinterest, I’ve got a board called Make it? Buy it? It’s a place where I save all the things I see in shops when I think ‘I could make that!’ Here’s my first go at making something off of that board inspired by the Cotton Pencil Basket by Lorena Canals but using things you’d find around the house! Follow along to make your own DIY – String Pencil Tin.


DIY String Pencil Tin

Active Time: 2 hours
Additional Time: 1 day
Total Time: 1 day 2 hours

A cheap and easy make to brighten up your desk. The best part of this project is that you get to eat crisps first!


  • Pringles Can
  • Card
  • Cellotape
  • Paper Scraps
  • Jute String
  • Paint - White, Yellow, Black, Pink
  • Silver Pen


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paintbrush


1. With the lid on your Pringles can, mark the bottom of the lid onto the can with a pen. Then draw around the lid on the card to make a cone shape.

2. Cut out the shape on the card and fold into a cone shape. Stick it together with Cellotape and fill it with paper scraps. Cover the top of the lid with hot glue, and stick on the card cone.

3. Starting at the top of the cone, wrap the string around tightly, sticking down with the hot glue. When you get to the bottom of the lid, cut the string and stick down the end. Start wrapping the string on the can, underneath the line you marked earlier. When you get to the bottom of the can, wrap the string around a few more times. Cut the string and stick down the end.

4. Paint your lid and can, allowing the paint to fully dry before each new colour.

5. When the paint is dry, you can fill with all your bits and put the lid back on!


I use a small Pringles can for this project, but you can use whatever size you like and follow along with the same instructions. Why not make a few in different sizes and colours and create a really eye catching desk display.

Would you have a go at making your own DIY – string pencil tin? Or would you make something rather than buy it? If you want to see other home accessory DIY tutorials, have a look here!

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