Harry Potter Week Tutorial#4 – Healthy Juiced Butterbeer

Healthy Juiced Butterbeer

Harry Potter and his class mates get to go the the Three Broomsticks and drink Butterbeers during their days away from school. I’ve always wanted to try it as the name makes it sound delicious. I imagine it like a liquid Worther’s Original mixed with frothy milk… yum! However I am trying to eat a bit healthier and I don’t think Butterbeer would help with that, so here’s a recipe I invented for a healthy juiced Butterbeer.

Supplies Healthy Juiced Butterbeer

You will need:

  • 1 Orange
  • 1 Carrot
  • A slice of pineapple
  • Sparkling water

Step 1:

Step 1 Healthy Juiced Butterbeer

Juice the orange and carrot together, mix well and pour into a glass.

Step 2:

Step 2 Healthy Juiced Butterbeer

Juice the pineapple and add some sparkling water to make a foam. Gently pour into the glass.

Step 3:

Healthy Juiced Butterbeer

Top up with a little more sparkling water to make a frothy head and drink straight away. Now whilst re-reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, you can rest your Butterbeer on your Golden Snitch Coaster!

According to Jason Vale (the juice master!) oranges help with skin anti-ageing and flushing out toxins, carrots promote healthy eyes, skin and liver and pineapple aids digestion and helps with hay fever and asthma. So not only can we indulge in our favourite fandom, we can get healthy at the same time.

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