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How to Help Small Creative Businesses for Free and get sent gifts

The world is full of big brands and disposable products. But there are so many people creating beautiful products and building their small creative businesses online. It can be hard to find these people and their products so when you do it’s important to promote them and lift them up. I’ve found an easy way to this using Etsy and their favourites list feature. Not only are you helping to promote creative people, you’ll hopefully get some great gifts out of it too! I’ll show you how.

(Etsy have sent me an incentive to write this post, but I shop on Etsy myself and am always happy to recommend and promote Etsy and the makers who sell on there)

This blog post contains sponsored content, affiliate or referral links which may reward me in the event of a subscription or sale. This doesn’t cost you any extra. I use these funds to feed my cat and buy more craft stuff. My cat and I thank you! For more information click here.

Why You Should Create Lists on Etsy

I’ve got my Etsy favourites sorted into lists that you can view here. Here I have saved ideas for Craft Kits, Jewellery, Art Prints etc. I also have a list of Gifts to Give to people. I like to add to this throughout the year, then when birthdays come round, it makes shopping so easy.

This is a great way to use the list feature, but what if we do it the other way around? Make lists of gifts you would like to receive! I’m thinking wedding lists, birthday, Christmas, graduation. You can easily share a link to your list with family or friends for them to shop with these small creative businesses. I always prefer gifting people handmade items as they feel so much more special. Think how happy your family and friends will be to get you a gift that you really want, is not mass produced and helps a small business.

Searching Etsy – The Fun Bit!

Browsing Etsy is one of my favourite things to do! There are so many inspirational and unique items that you can’t find on the high street. When I find something I like, I add it to my favourites list so that I don’t forget it. To do this, just click on the little heart on the picture of the product. (You’ll need to be signed into your account to save the item) When you’ve clicked the heart to favourite, you’ll be given the option to add it to a list. You can create a new list easily by clicking the plus button and adding a title. I’ve come up with some ideas of gifting lists you could create, fill up and send to people:

  • Wedding – Handmade Tableware, Wooden Photo Frames, Personalised Art Prints
  • Birthday – Personalised Jewellery, Handmade Plant Pots, Craft Kits
  • New Home – Handmade Clay Mugs, Handmade Rugs & Blankets, Woven Storage Baskets
  • Baby – Nursery Wall Décor, Personalised Baby Clothes, Handmade Wooden Toys
How to favourite an item and add it to a list in Etsy

Send Out Your Etsy Lists

Once you have filled up your lists with all the amazing handmade products you’ve found, you can easily send them to people as a hint or with written instructions on what to buy! Just click on the list you want to share, go up to the address bar and copy the website address. Now you can share that link with your friends or family by pasting in an email, on social media or on a website or electronic event invitation.

How to send a link to your Etsy favourites list to friends and family

You’ve Helped a Creative Business!

Here you can see how easy it can be to help people move away from shopping with big brands, to shopping and supporting small creative businesses. You never know, the people you send lists to, might start doing all their shopping more mindfully once they see what’s for offer on Etsy. It might even encourage them to make their own lists to send back to you! If you want more inspiration, you can find my lists here. My favourite is my wish list for Craft Room Décor. Let me know if you find any items you think I could add to my list, I’m always looking for inspiration!

Handcrafted gift list ideas, how to ask for gifts you really want - handmade, personalised and on trend

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