Shamrock Garland – Free Crochet Pattern

Shamrock Garland Free Crochet Pattern

Get ready to jazz up your St. Patrick’s Day décor with this super cute, Shamrock Garland crochet pattern. It’s absolutely beginner-friendly! We’re talking basic stitches and zero sewing – talk about a win-win! Here’s the scoop: The instructions call for DK yarn, but feel free to mix it up! Grab some chunky or 4ply yarnRead more

Harry Potter Week Tutorial#3 – Golden Snitch Coaster

Golden Snitch Coaster

One of my favourite creations in the Harry Potter world is Qudditch. Imagine creating a brand new sport, and one with so many rules and players? Amazing! Of course my favourite bit is the golden snitch. It’s meant to be very tiny, but for this DIY I have enlarged it and flattened it out soRead more