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I love to give tickets as a gift. Whether it’s a concert, cinema or theatre trip, giving an event to look forward to is a great present! However, they don’t look that impressive and aren’t very exciting to open. Until now! Keep reading to find out how to make sewn envelopes for gift tickets.

You will need:

Step 1:

Craftyism - Sewn Gift Envelope for Tickets | Step 1

Place your ticket in the bottom corner of your felt. Draw around it, leaving a border of about 1cm on all sides. Repeat these measurements so that you have two connected rectangles. Find and mark the centre point on the top edge of your first rectangle. Mark a point about 5cm vertically up from the centre mark. Connect the two sides of the first rectangle to this new point. You will end up with a triangle. (See image above) Cut the whole shape out.

Step 2:

Craftyism - Sewn Gift Envelope for Tickets | Step 2

Take your ribbon and use the stampers to stamp on ‘SPECIAL DELIVERY’ Cut the ribbon, leaving a 1cm gap at each end. Pin the ribbon onto the rectangle underneath the triangle. I placed mine at a jaunty angle! Sew the ribbon onto the felt using large stitches.

Step 3:

Craftyism - Sewn Gift Envelope for Tickets | Step 3

To make it look a bit more like a real envelope, we’ll add some more decoration. Fold your felt in half, so that you’re only working on the section with the ribbon. Take a large button or other circle shape and place it on the top right corner of the felt. Roughly draw around it with the fabric pen. Draw some more rough horizontal lines, coming out from the circle. This is meant to look like the post office stamp!

Step 4:

Craftyism - Sewn Gift Envelope for Tickets | Step 4

Take your snap fastening and attach one half onto the triangle about 1cm in from the point. The flat side should be on the same side as the ribbon. Fold the triangle over onto the blank, back side of the felt envelope, and mark where the snap sits. Attach the second half of the snap over this mark. Each snap tool will come with it’s own instructions, so refer to those for help in how to use it. It you don’t have any snap fasteners, you could use Velcro or a button.

Step 5:

Craftyism - Sewn Gift Envelope for Tickets | Step 5

Fold the felt in half again, into its envelope shape and pin. The last step is to sew together the bottom edge, and the free side edge. I used a whip stitch as I thought it looked a bit more fancy. A straight stitch by hand or on a sewing machine would work just as well.

Craftyism - Sewn Gift Envelope for Tickets | Final

Admire your finished product! Fill with your tickets and give as a lovely gift. It looks so much more special than a regular envelope and your recipient can keep their tickets safe until the big event. You could even ask for it back to refill for next time!

Do you give tickets as gifts? If so, how would you decorate the envelope? I’d love some inspiration for more sewn envelopes for gift tickets.

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